Why You Should Schedule A Fall Roof Inspection

Fall leaves on a residential rooftop

Why You Should Schedule A Fall Roof Inspection

When was your last roof inspection? A simple roof inspection can protect your home or business from large amounts of damage later in the year. Here in the northeast, we recommend periodic inspections and ongoing maintenance on roofs. Large snowfall can lead to big issues if you don’t have a strong roof. This can include anything from leaks into your attic to much worse damage. The average roof can last anywhere from 15-30 years based on the material, but maintenance and inspections can help prolong your rooftop’s lifespan. This fall we highly recommend getting a roof inspection if you either notice visual signs of damage or are concerned about any of the following factors:

Roof Damage Caused By Storms

At the end of the summer, there are often a few large storms. Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause a lot of damage to our home’s exteriors. Our roofs should be inspected directly following a large storm. This is especially true if you find pieces of shingles in your front yard or notice missing shingles when walking around your home. Broken branches can cause a lot of damage to roofing as well. So if you notice branches in your yard after a storm, it is likely some branches also hit your roof and siding.

Leaks After Rain

If after a heavy rain shower you notice leaks in your home this is a sign that your roof is likely damaged. Unfortunately, many leaks go unnoticed because the moisture ends up in between the roof and the ceiling, this can cause rot, mold, and damage to your home’s insulation and wooden structures. So if you notice any leaks even a consistent dripping, you should hire someone to perform roof maintenance.

Preparing For The Winter

Aside from reacting to previous storms, you should also be preparing for the next storm. In New England, it is very common for large snowfall to lead to accumulation on roofs. If your roof is slightly damaged this can lead to leaks when the snow melts. However, if there is structural damage caused by a lack of maintenance, your roof could buckle and eventually cave in if the weight of snow and ice reaches a certain point. A fall inspection can both address summer storms and prevent damage from winter blizzards.

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