Composite Board Decking Installation in Massachusetts

Composite Board Deck Installation Service

Composite board decks have become increasingly popular in New England and the northeast. Known for their durability, style options, and maintenance-free nature, many families chose composite decking over wood decking. At Novus Exteriors we would be happy to provide you quotes for composite decking repair and installation services. If you are trying to decide between wood vs composite decking for your home or business, here are some material highlights. If you have any additional questions or would like a quote please contact us.

Composite decking

Benefits of A Composite Deck

Composite decking is relatively new compared to traditional wood decks. Regardless of the material, a good deck, balcony, or porch adds value to a home. From enjoying summer BBQs to having an outdoor space you can enjoy year-round, you will love your deck. Decks are also great for homes that do not have large backyards as they increase the square footage of outdoor space on your property. If you are interested in an outdoor deck, you have two main options for material choice: wood or composite board. However, there are actually many sub-choices for both materials as there are multiple wood types and many different composite board manufacturers. Here are some of the major benefits of composite decking as a whole.

  • Maintenance & Care: Traditional decks require a lot of maintenance. Sanding, staining, and sealing all need to be done every 2-5 years. Composite board on the other hand requires much less maintenance, saving you time and money while you enjoy your deck.  
  • Aesthetic: Although some homeowners might long for the traditional look of a wooden deck, there are a lot of great options for composite decking. From choosing different colors to choosing the shape and pattern of the boards, you have a lot more options for how your composite deck will look. 
  • Durability: Composite board is much more durable than traditional wood decks. Many composite decks are rated for up to 50 years. They also provide many unique benefits. The composite decking material is designed to be stain-resistant, pest-resistant, and resistant to UV light. Additionally, it is harder to splinter or scratch composite decking compared to a wood deck. 

Composite Deck Costs

The chief drawback of a composite deck is its upfront cost. Composite board decks can cost almost double in material cost alone. That being said, a composite board deck makes up for its cost in long term lastability. Composite decks also have increased property value compared to a traditional wood deck. Because wood decks require maintenance and are only rated to last 10-30 years, they can actually decrease property value or turn off some property buyers. Meanwhile, composite decking can last more than two times as long and requires less maintenance making it a clear winner for property buyers. 

Composite Deck Repair Service

Aside from building brand new decks and replacing wooden decks with composite decks, we also provide repair services in Massachusetts. Although composite board is very durable and resistant to many different factors, it is not indescructable. If your composite deck is damaged and you need replacement boards installed, we would be happy to help. Simply contact us to discuss your composite deck project and a member of our team will walk you through our process

Composite Decking Close-up

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