Rubber Roof Inspections/Repair in Massachusetts

Rubber Roof Inspection/Repair

The Novus Exteriors team works with homeowners and businesses throughout Massachusetts and Northern Rhode Island. We know that in New England, having a reliable roof means a lot to any property owner. That is why we recommend that local residents and business owners get a roof inspection regularly to prevent damage to their properties. The Novus Exteriors team provides roof inspections for both Asphalt and rubber roofing. If you would like a quote please contact us.

When To Schedule a Roofing Inspection

There are a few schools of thought on when it makes the most sense to schedule a roofing inspection. Some homeowners have their roofs inspected once a year. Others base roof inspections off of specific storms or weather concerns, and others wait until they notice damage. Generally speaking, you should avoid that final option, because by the time you start to notice damage to your roof, you will need it repaired quickly before a storm causes damage to your attic. Whatever schedule you decide, our team would be happy to help with an inspection whenever you need it. 

Rubber Roof Repair Services

The Novus Exteriors team is always available to help with roof repair services. If your rubber roof has taken damage due to a recent storm or general wear and tear, we would be happy to get one of our experts on the job for you. Every member of our team is dedicated to making sure your property is safe for you and your occupants. We believe that the key to any exterior contracting project is great service and great customer service. If you would like to get a no-obligation quote on rubber roofing repair please contact our team. Whether you need repairs or simple maintenance like repainting services, we would be happy to help.

Rubber Roof Replacement

Over time some facilities decide to replace their roof or change their roofing material. Rubber roofing has a variety of advantages over asphalt roofing. Although rubber roofing is definitely more expensive it does last longer. Asphalt shingles are typically rated to last around 20 years, rubber roofing can last 30+ years making it the better material in terms of longevity. Of course, with any project, our team would be happy to make recommendations on materials based on your home or office, your budget, and other key factors. 

Contact Novus Exteriors in Marlborough For More Info

Located in Marlborough, Massachusetts, our team of contractors works throughout Massachusetts and Northern Rhode Island. If you have a roofing project you would like our help with, please send us a message and a member of our team will discuss the project with you. 

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