Fiber Cement Siding Information

Fiber cement is a complex siding. It is made of a combination of materials including clay, wood fibers, cement, and sand. With Novus Exteriors you have many options for siding. We have replaced many home’s sidings with fiber cement in recent years and it is a popular choice in Massachusetts for its durability and customization options. We work with a variety of fiber cement siding materials including James Hardie Siding. If your siding is faded or damaged and you are looking to switch siding types or repair your fiber cement siding, there are many benefits and a few drawbacks to consider when getting fiber cement.

Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement protects your home from insects, mold, and UV damage. Fiber cement can easily be cleaned with a power washer and like wood siding you can always update the look with a new coat of paint. Fiber cement’s biggest benefit is its durability. Fiber cement siding is fire resistant and generally weather resistant. Compared to vinyl siding, fiber cement is less likely to crack or be damaged by extreme weather conditions, making it the ideal choice for homes that are likely to experience storms. Fiber cement is also eco-friendly as it is made using waste wood fibers.   

Drawbacks to Fiber Cement Siding

There are a few drawbacks to fiber cement siding that homeowners ought to consider. Installation of fiber cement is a complicated process. It really cannot be left up to DIY home renovators. Fiber cement requires specialized tools and requires a high level of skill compared to other siding options. Fiber cement is also more expensive than other options on the market. However, because of its longevity and low maintenance, fiber cement is often said to pay for itself over time. At Novus Exteriors we offer financing options for our clients that can help them pay the upfront costs for fiber cement.

How Much Does Fiber Cement Siding Cost?

As mentioned above, fiber cement is more expensive than other siding options. James Hardie fiber cement boards can cost up to $6 per square foot. However, due to the labor intensive installation process, each square foot of fiber cement can be rounded up to $10 when including installation cost. Fiber cement requires a team that has extensive experience working with the material because it can crack or break when handled incorrectly. Fiber cement siding can become much more expensive for DIY contractors. Fiber cement specialized tools can run upwards of $500. Between getting cutting tools, blades, and nail guns that are designed for fiber cement, and the cost of replacing any broken or cracked siding, due to misuse. Generally, the best way to save money on fiber cement is to get a quote from a contracting team that has experience working with fiber cement installations and repair.

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Contact the Novus team to discuss installing fiber cement siding. Not sure what kind of siding will work for you? Our contractors can help you pick a siding based on your budget and your location. We have worked with homes throughout New England; replacing and repairing their siding. With that experience, we can help homeowners pick materials that make the most sense for their needs. Our team would love to help you get answers to any of your siding questions and provide a quote for your job. Visit our gallery to see images of siding jobs we have done in your area.

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