Wood Siding in Massachusetts

Wood Siding Information

Wood siding comes in various forms including shingles and planks. Wood siding is known for its unique aesthetic charm. With Novus Exteriors you have many options for siding. Wood siding is not the most common siding choice in Massachusetts, but it can still be found throughout the state. Whether you need repair work or replacement siding, the Novus Team is happy to help work on your wood siding. 

Benefits of Wood Siding

The primary benefit of wood siding is its look. Almost every other siding option has varieties that try to imitate the authentic look of wood siding. And for many homeowners, having authentic real wood siding is part of their dream home. There are also many options with wood siding. There are hundreds of woods varieties to choose from with unique benefits and drawbacks, and wood siding can come in shingles, clapboards, or planks. Redwood and cedar are often chosen because they are decay resistant. Wood siding can also be installed quickly and easily compared to more complex sidings like fiber cement

Drawbacks to Wood Siding

The largest drawback of wood siding is maintenance. Wood needs to be protected year-round. Wood is susceptible to insect damage, cracking and warping, fading, and rotting. Wood is also susceptible to water damage which is why it is uncommon in rainy areas or coastal areas. Although some wood types are better suited than others for protecting against weather damage, wood siding is generally less durable than fiber cement siding. Wood is really best for areas that do not deal with extreme weather conditions and for homeowners who do not mind performing regular maintenance. 

How Much Does Wood Siding Cost?

There is a lot of variety in wood siding costs. Based on the type of wood, the installation process, maintenance, and other factors wood siding prices can differ greatly. That said, wood is generally less expensive than fiber cement and can be as low as $1-$5 per square foot before installation and maintenance costs. Cedar and redwood are more expensive because of the durability they provide over weaker wood types. Wood siding is an easier installation compared to fiber cement, which means you can expect lower installation costs and quicker installation times. Although wood siding is cheaper upfront compared to other siding options, it is not as long-lasting as it’s competitors and can cost you in repairs and maintenance. We recommend that homeowners speak with a contractor about siding options to pick a siding that is right for their needs, environment, and budget. 

Work With Novus Exteriors

Contact the Novus team to discuss installing, repairing, or replacing wood siding. Our team can recommend siding improvements for your home and handle the installation. We also offer financing through Greensky and Mosaic to help homeowners deal with the upfront costs of repairing and replacing their siding. Our team would love to help you get answers to any of your siding questions and provide a quote for your job. Visit our gallery to see images of siding jobs we have done in your area.

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