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Roofing & siding are the most important element of a home’s protection from the elements. Here in New England our roofs need to be designed to protect homes from snow pile-up and other hazardous weather conditions. The team at Novus Exteriors provides roofing design & installation for new properties, home extensions, and for homes & businesses that need to have their roof replaced. 

Novus Exteriors offers a variety of GAF Roofing material options.


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Roofing Materials We Work With:


Asphalt roofing is the most common roofing choice in Massachusetts. Asphalt roofing is durable but can be challenging to repair. Novus Exteriors repairs & installs asphalt shingles.


Rubber roofing has come a long way over the years. There are many different style options to choose from. Rubber roofing is easy to maintain and can be quite cost effective.

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Roofing Repairs in Greater Boston

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In the event that your roof is leaking, becoming spongey, or no longer protecting your home, we can help repair it. Our team would be happy to help repair either asphalt or rubber roofing. Additionally, we provide full roof replacement services if you are interested in changing the material your roof is made out of. Obviously, both roofing materials have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. We would be happy to provide recommendations, discuss our process as well as financing options for larger products. For more information please send us a message.

Roofing Inspections in Greater Boston

Regular maintenance and inspections goes a long way when it comes to roofing and siding. An inspection today means not worrying about a leak or a bigger roofing issue down the line. If you notice signs that your roof may be getting damaged including saggy or broken/missing shingles, don’t hesitate to give Novus Exteriors a call. We would be happy to perform a quick inspection and help with any needed maintenance for your roof in the Greater Boston area,. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing

There are a few key signs that a roof might need to replaced:

  • Age: Based on what material your roof is made out of, you will need to have it replaced after a certain amount of time. For example, a typical asphalt shingle roof needs repairs and replacement around 20-25 years after it is installed.
  • Leaks: The most obvious sign that you need a new roof is a leak. If water is dripping or flooding into your attic, you will likely want to get a contractor on-site quickly to help with repairs.
  • Sagging: If your roof starts to sag or buckle it’s a sign that your roof has become damaged. What starts as buckling can quickly lead to the roof falling apart if not addressed quickly. 
  • Broken Shingles: If you find fragments of shingles in your yard or you notice missing shingles when you look at your roof, you should call a local roof repair company to come by and help provide necessary repairs.

As a roofing and decking contractor we love installing beautiful wood or composite board decking. A deck is a great exterior remodeling project that can add value to your home. But decking is very exposed to the elements. Because of this maintenance costs can be high, especially with a traditional wood deck. For this reason many homeowners opt to get a roof above their deck that can provide protection, shade, and lighting fixtures for nights outside. The choice to get a roof over a deck can come down to both protecting your deck as well as a stylistic choice. It is always beneficial to discuss your options with a highly rated contractor. 

A quality shingle roof can last between 20 to 30 years. Regular inspections and maintenance can extend your roof’s lifespan closer to the 30 year end of that spectrum. Here in Massachusetts contractors like Novus Exteriors know how to install roofing and siding designed to brave the wintery elements we get in New England. 

There are many factors that might determine which roofing material is best for your home or business. We highly recommend requesting a customized quote by using the form above, as there is no one-size fits all answer for everyone. The material we might recommend to one client for one reason we might not recommend to another. Here are a few core factors to consider: 

  • Cost: Rubber roofing is generally more expensive than asphalt roofing. However, it can make up for the cost increase because of its durability. If you plan to live in a home for decades, this might be a good investment into your home’s future. 
  • Appearance: With any material choice, it is important to consider both its functionality and how it will look. Some rubber roofing materials are designed to mimic the look of asphalt tiles. 
  • Maintenance: Rubber roofing has a lower maintenance need compared to asphalt shingles. Rubber roofing may need to be repainted every few years, while asphalt shingles need to be replaced as needed. If you live in an area with more extreme weather conditions you may need to replace shingles more often. 
  • Weather: High temperatures and low temperatures are more likely to affect asphalt shingles than rubber roofing. If you live in an environment with high wind speeds or extreme temperatures, rubber roofing may provide some added protection. 

In many ways rubber roofing provides stronger protection but at a higher cost. Whether or not that investment will be beneficial for your home can depend on where you live, how long you plan to live there, and a few more factors. To get a recommendation on which material to use for your home, please contact our team.


Our Quality Roofing Guarantee

At Novus Exteriors we have a saying: “It’s your project … our reputation”. That’s why Novus Exteriors offers a long-term warranty. For us, customer satisfaction is the foundation of our company. Communication is critical in your satisfaction. We are happy to go over our warranty & financing with all of our clients. 

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Whether you need a new roof for a brand new construction or extension to a home, you need an inspection and repairs, or you want to change roofing material, the team at Novus Exteriors can help. We provide free quote services for roofing projects as well as our other services. We can help protect your home by providing roofing, siding, window installation, and more! 

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