Roofing inspection and repair

A roof is the most important aspect of your home’s protection from the outside elements. Not only does reliable roofing protect inside your home, but also ensures the integrity of your siding and windows, as well as improve the overall aesthetic.

Novus Exteriors offers a variety of GAF Roofing material options.


Schedule A Roofing Inspection in Massachusetts

It is important to be grateful for the roof over your head, and part of that gratitude is making sure your roof is taken care of. Our roofs and our siding are the first lines of defense against storms and bad weather. Here in New England roofs can take an extra beating from having to hold the weight of snow for months at a time. That is why the Novus Exteriors team provides roof inspection services. A simple roof inspection today can prevent a leak tomorrow. 

Signs You Need A Roof Inspection

Most exterior contractors will recommend that you schedule a roof inspection after any major storm. In Massachusetts our storm seasons include both late summer with thunderstorms and hurricanes/tropical storms, as well as in late winter after blizzards. Aside from storms, you should consider hiring a roof inspection team if you find broken shingles in your yard or notice missing shingles on your roof. 

Roof Repair Services

In the event that your roof is leaking, becoming spongey, or no longer protecting your home, we can help repair it. Our team would be happy to help repair either asphalt or rubber roofing. Additionally, we provide full roof replacement services if you are interested in changing the material your roof is made out of. Obviously, both roofing materials have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. We would be happy to provide recommendations, discuss our process as well as financing options for larger products. For more information please send us a message.


Asphalt roofing is the most common roofing choice in Massachusetts. Asphalt roofing is durable but can be challenging to repair. Novus Exteriors repairs & installs asphalt shingles.


Rubber roofing has come a long way over the years. There are many different style options to choose from. Rubber roofing is easy to maintain and can be quite cost effective.

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Our Quality Roofing Guarantee

At Novus Exteriors we have a saying: “It’s your project … our reputation”. That’s why Novus Exteriors offers a long-term warranty. For us, customer satisfaction is the foundation of our company. Communication is critical in your satisfaction. We are happy to go over our warranty & financing with all of our clients. 

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