What Siding Material Is Best Against Storms?

What Siding Material Is Best Against Storms?

Here in New England, the weather can be a bit varied. While everyone can unanimously agree that autumn in New England is one of the most beautiful times of the year, the rest of the year can throw some curveballs in terms of weather. Hurricanes and tropical storms often arrive in late summer, blizzards can happen throughout the winter, and of course, you have heavy rainfall in the spring. These varied weather conditions can quickly cause problems for both business owners and homeowners. That is why it is important to have the right roofing & siding. Here is a quick guide to siding materials and how they combat the weather.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Siding

As you read this article on siding materials you might wonder, is it better to get your entire siding stripped and replaced or should you just get the damaged sections repaired? That actually depends quite heavily on a few key factors. Where you live, how long you intend to live in your current home, the current material you have, and your budget can all determine the right answer to that question. At Novus Exteriors we provide free no-obligation quotes and consultations on siding repair and replacement. If you are wondering if you should change your siding or just get it fixed, please give us a call, or fill out our siding questionnaire.

What Siding Is Best Against Storms?

There are a variety of siding materials that are frequently used for homes and commercial properties. Wood, vinyl, asphalt, fiber cement, and composite board are all commonly used to protect a home. And while each has its’ pros and cons in terms of design, resistance to different weather elements, some are more suited to protect a home against a storm. Fiber cement is one of the best siding options to protect against high winds. Fiber cement is durable and tough and is designed to take a beating from high wind gusts as well as being pelted with rain. Vinyl tends to be weaker and more prone to damage, however, repairs and replacement aren’t less expensive than residing an entire home. But if you are looking to invest in your property long-term we would likely recommend a more durable material.

Get A Quote on Fiber Cement Siding in Massachusetts

The team at Novus Exteriors works throughout Greater Boston and beyond to provide expert siding repair and installation services. We work on new construction as well as on replacement jobs. if you are interested in receiving a quote for our siding materials, please contact us.

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