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More and more workers have relocated in recent years. Many office buildings in major cities have adjusted to hybrid models where workers only come into the office for a few days out of the week and are expected to work at home for the rest of the week. Whether you are working at-home full time, part-time, or would just enjoy having a dedicated office space. The team at Novus can help us design and install offices for both homes and commercial office spaces. Contact us today for a free quote on office design. 

At-Home Office Design & Installation in Greater Boston

The increasing digital technology has allowed more and more workers to get work done remotely. And the pandemic forced many officers workers to make makeshift workstations in their homes. Psychologically speaking, many worry that it isn’t healthy to work in the same space that you relax and some have suggested putting your work space somewhere separate in your home. Aesthetically speaking, setting up two monitors on the dining room table isn’t really an elegant solution. Of course, many of us felt that this adjustment would be temporary, but with so many offices choosing hybrid or full work-from-home models, it’s time to say goodbye to the makeshift office. The team at Novus can help you transform an old room into a beautiful office where you can get some space from your family and work uninterrupted. With our team, we can get you an office you will be excited to work in. 

Say Goodbye To:

  • The Cramped Cubicle
  • The Dining Room Office
  • The Bedroom Zoom Calls
  • The “Their Office Is Bigger”

Commercial Office Design in Greater Boston

We also provide office design for commercial spaces. If you have recently bought an office space and want to convert some of the rooms into corner offices, we would be happy to help. Our team can help design the perfect space for your team members. We work with the size of your room to make the perfect desk spaces designed for optimal workflow. 

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Located in Marlborough, Massachusetts, our team of contractors works throughout Massachusetts and Northern Rhode Island. If you would like to know more about at-home office design and commercial office design in your area, please send us a message and a member of our team will discuss the project with you. 

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