James Hardie Siding Installation in Eastern Massachusetts

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James Hardie Siding Information

Novus Exteriors provides the siding installation and repair throughout eastern Massachusetts. We work with a variety of siding products including James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding. Our contractors specialize in James Hardie siding installation, as the product continues to grow in popularity throughout our service area.  James Hardie Fiber cement owes its growth in popularity to the materials used in its fiber cement. Their fiber cement siding has a high return on investment, a large variety of appearance options, and more.

The Benefits of James Hardie Siding

James Hardie Fiber Cement siding shares many similar benefits to other fiber cement options. It is resistant to mold, UV damage, and insects. It is an extremely durable material compared to vinyl siding and it requires much less maintenance compared to wood siding. Fiber cement siding is not likely to crack and can withstand strong winds and storms. Because New England deals with blizzards, tropical storms, and other storms year-round, James Hardie siding has become a top pick for siding replacement. Homeowners and business owners choose James Hardie siding for the following reasons: 

  • Climate Engineered: James Hardie siding is created for specific climates. Their products vary based on where they will be installed. So instead of applying a siding material that is not rated for your environment, you can trust that James Hardie Siding is designed for your building’s unique climate.
  • Color Choices: Aside from it’s utility, James Hardie Siding is easy for homeowners to customize. They offer a diverse color palette that is fade-resistant so homeowners can enjoy the look long-term.
  • Durability: James Hardie siding is pest resistant, fire protected, mold resistant, and rot resistant. This is why James Hardie siding has the highest return on investment. 

How Much Does James Hardie Board Cost?

One drawback many homeowners have with James Hardie siding is the cost. Compared to other siding options, James Hardie siding can be expensive. That is why the Novus Exteriors team provides financing options to help make home improvement more manageable. Because James Hardie siding is heavier than other options, installation costs can vary from contractor to contractor. James hardie siding also needs to be installed professionally by a team with experience working with the products. 

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