Marcelo Franca


Marcelo with years of experience build Novus Exteriors from the ground up. He is involved from start to finish and guarantees your satisfaction. Novus Exterior is a company that will ensure great customer service and quality of job. Owner of Novus Exteriors he built a great team to propose the best quality of work that he can provide. He is a happy, cheerful, present person and will make sure you are taken care of.

Meriyellen Mocelim

Office Manager

 With over 10 years of business management experience, Meiryellen was hired as Office Manager at Novus Exteriors. Her main focus is to oversee all production processes and ensure customer satisfaction. Within her position, she also manages material purchases, vendors relationships, accounts payables and receivables.

Ana Laura Fonseca

Project Designer & Estimator
Maintaining our company needs, Ana Laura goes above and beyond to guarantee our customer satisfaction. She will ensure that you will receive quality work. She represents Novus Exteriors with her great personality.

Phillipe Gomes

Project Manager

Phillipe is a client representative who determine and implements the exact needs for the client. His main objective is to keep quality control from beginning to the end of each project. He is working to efficiently handle all production aspects of the project.

Daniel Franca

Daniel Franca

Project Manager

Daniel represents Novus every day supporting the field in every need. He will ensure that the client is happy and satisfied and provides hands-on support for the crew. Keeping quality control from the beginning to the end of each project. He is working to efficiently handle all production aspects of the project.

Jessica Santos

Office Assistant / Inside Sales

Jessica handles organizational and clerical support tasks to optimize processes, while also maintaining trusting relationships with our customers, providing them best service. She is involved from the first appointment scheduling to the final proposal presentation. 

Eric Pinto

Director Of Operations

Eric will work to built and deliver high-quality workmanship with integrity and stellar customer service. Serving in diverse roles- project manager, superintendent, contract manager, lead carpenter and more – He will supported numerous multi-family residential and commercial projects, renovations, and restorations. He also specializes in the interior remodeling division. 

Jessica Carvalho

Project Coordinator

With communication and leadership Jessica rules on her positivity and coordinates Novus Exteriors Needs. She will manage project related paperwork and coordinate all team members to keep workflow on track. Jessica’s interpersonal skills to work with a wide variety of people each day, builds a strong confidence company with honesty and integrity. 

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