When To Hire An Exterior Contractor

A completed siding and porch renovation job in Braintree

When To Hire An Exterior Contractor

Whether you are looking to add a deck or a porch, or you are looking to make repairs, a general contractor can help you in a lot of ways. If you work with the right one, you will not only save time, but you will be satisfied with the new look of your home. In Massachusetts, general contractors work year-round but specifically have their peak season from early spring through late fall. That is why homeowners are recommended to get quotes early in the season so they can get work done quickly.

When To Get A Quote From A Contractor

The best season to get a quote from a residential contractor is late winter. Every project has a different time span, and you will want to make sure you give you budget your time. You should take a few weeks to get quotes from local contractors, choose a contractor, and eventually start the project. Then depending on who you hire and the scope of your work, the project could take a few weeks to even longer. So, if you are looking to have work completed in the summer, February and March are your best bet for beginning your search.

How Long Does Exterior Contracting Take?

As mentioned above, every project has a unique timing, scope, and workload. At Novus Exteriors, for instance, we work with homeowners and residential properties to help with their siding, decking, windows, porches, painting, roofing, and bathrooms. Window installation/replacement or a roof inspection can be done in a matter of days. Alternatively, residing an entire home, adding a deck, or remodeling a bathroom can take weeks to months depending on your expectations. When thinking about when you want the project to be complete, you need to consider how large the project is and the type of work involved. We use the same step by step process with every one of our clients. This involves initial quotes, proposal meetings, contracts, and making sure our customers get to see the work completed in a timely manner. We will go over the schedule with you to make sure that our work is on track with your expectations.

How To Choose The Right Contractor

When it comes to hiring the right contractors you need to consider a few factors: services provided, materials used, project history, and your goals. First, you need to make sure the contractors you are working with provide the services you need. Every contractor has different services, and it is always helpful to ask them about the services they provide. Depending on your project, you will also want to discuss what materials are available. For instance, we use James Hardie siding, vinyl, fiber cement, and wood siding for our siding projects. Material diversity is important, every material has it’s drawbacks and benefits, like composite vs wood decking. Next, you should always look up the projects that they have completed, as well as any reviews or testimonials you can find. Looking at before and after images can really help when choosing a contractor. Finally, communication is everything. You want to work with a team that you feel confident in, and that comes down to how they understand your goals when it comes to budget and vision. At Novus Exteriors, we always say that your project is our reputation. We take a lot of pride in satisfied customers.

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Whatever project you are looking to get done for your home or residential property, feel encouraged to send us a message. We would be happy to provide a proposal and go over the details of your project.

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