10 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For 2020

A bathtub installed by Novus Exteriors

10 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For 2020

Bathroom remodeling is a great home improvement project that can be done at any time of the year and that you can budget however you would like. Whether you want to completely redo your bathroom with new fixtures, cabinets, flooring, and more, or you are just looking to make minor changes, we would love to provide some inspiration. Here are 10 great ideas for everyone thinking about an update for their bathroom this year.

1. Install Custom Mirrors

One easy and quick change to make is changing out your mirrors. Custom shaped mirrors are a great way to add a sense of your own personality to your bathroom. Another option is the classic mirror cabinet design that adds functionality to your bathroom.

2. Flooring Materials & Design

There are a variety of flooring materials to choose from when redoing your bathroom. However, one consideration is whether you plan to use a pattern or not. Many homes try and theme their bathrooms, or have interesting alternating tiles. Another idea is to consider how your flooring will complement the walls and fixtures of the bathroom. If you want the centerpiece of your bathroom to be your shower and bath, a minimalistic approach for the floorings is a good idea.

3. Installing New Cabinets

Every bathroom needs cabinet space. Wood is the most traditional cabinet material, especially because it provides the most versatility in designs. When you create a bathroom design your goal may be to use your cabinets as an accent. Every bathroom has a focus that the other elements need to accent or complement. One way to do this is to use darker color cabinets to contrast with a lighter floor or bathtub color.

4. Glass Shower Enclosures

A shower remodeled by Novus Exteriors in Sudbury

One of the most requested installations when creating a new bathroom is to ditch the curtain for a glass shower enclosure. Glass swinging or sliding doors provide a much more elegant look to a bathroom. Plus, with some nice tile work and backsplashes, they allow your shower to be the main feature of the bathroom.

5. Adding a Backsplash

Detailed tile work around the sink and the walls of your shower can really make your bathroom shine. Some homeowners DIY their tilework to create interesting designs. Tiles are a great way to customize your bathroom with splashes of color. If you are going for a black and white look, tiles are a great place to add tones of grey and marble.

6. Marble, Granite, & Tile

Marble, granite, & tile are all popular bathroom materials that can be utilized in a variety of great ways. Each of these materials complements one another and can be used in conjunction. Consider a tile floor with marble countertops or a granite bath with a tile backsplash.

7. Metal Finishes For Handles

Your doorknobs, faucet handles, cabinet handles, and showerhead should all match. There are a variety of options from bronze to stainless steel or even gold. Depending on the colors that you are using for the walls and flooring, your metal handles can act as the focus for your bathroom.

8. Alternative Design Ideas

A bathtub installed by Novus Exteriors

Have you considered a unique design? Perhaps a standing shower, or a bathtub with a skylight window above it. Working with a professional contractor, you can dream up a variety of potential layouts and designs for a bathroom that will be completely unique.

9. Themes

One of the more common bathroom designs is to emulate the beach. Sand color tile floors, shells, beach rock are all great ways to bring the beach vibe to your home. Another common bathroom is post-modern architectural design. Marble floors, stainless steel handles, minimalist design, glass shower doors can transform your bathroom are all a part of this design.

10. A Minimalistic Approach

There are many ways to pull off the minimalist design. By utilizing whites, blacks, and primary colors, you can create a simplistic bathroom that is completely timeless. Simple cabinets without designs, simple handles, and simple shower are all a great way to use space to design a modern bathroom.

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