Should I Replace My Wood Deck With Composite Decking?

Should I Replace My Wood Deck With Composite Decking?

A wood deck may have legacy value for it’s traditional look. But more and more homeowners are investing in composite board decks because of their low maintenance, durability, and consistency in quality over the years. As we move closer to decking season we want to discuss the two most common decking material groups and what you should use for your deck.

Composite Decking vs Wood Decking

First things first, if you are about to get a new deck should you get wood decking or composite decking? We have talked in the past about the benefits of composite decking. In the past few years, wood prices have increased and peaked due to shortages of wood and lumber and increases in demand. This led to the benefits of composite decks increasing even further. Many homeowners already trust composite decking materials for their weather resistance, long-term durability, and most importantly their low-maintenance. But the change in decking cost has given more and more homeowners a reason to consider composite decking for their homes

Should I Replace My Wood Deck?

If you start to notice that your wood deck is deteriorating you might want to consider replacement strategies vs repairs. Wood decks can last anywhere from 15 years to 40, but that range is highly influenced by the treatment of the deck. If you or a previous homeowner did not take the proper steps each year to keep the deck in good condition it becomes more of a liability than a benefit for your property. If the wood begins to rot, it can eventually become unsafe to use. Termites and other pests can also cause real issues for wood decks. So if it is time to replace your deck, you might want to consider changing materials. Especially if your first deck didn’t last long term. A composite deck will be much easier to maintain for decades and can last a lifetime. 

Should I Repair My Wood Deck?

If damage to your deck is minimal but requires a contractor to help, you might want to get a quote and an opinion from a local decking expert on whether it should be repaired or replaced. In cases where a few boards become damaged, it might make more sense to replace the damaged sections instead of the entire deck. 

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