Answering 5 FAQs About Building Your Own Deck

Answering 5 FAQs About Building Your Own Deck

Here at Novus Exteriors we provide decking services throughout Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. A good deck can provide a lot of value to a home. That is why we wanted to create this article covering some of the most commonly asked questions about decking. So if you have any questions about decking, or the process of building/maintaining a deck, please give us a call. And if you would like a quote on decking services in New England, use this inquiry form.

What Permits Do I Need To Install A Deck?

With any addition to your home, you may need to make sure you have the legal permission to begin construction. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Building additions or decks is something you need to check on before you get to work. For instance, different states have different building codes. And in fact, even area codes can differ in their zoning rules. So make sure to check with the proper local municipalities before constructing a deck. 

What Decking Material Is Best?

There are two main categories for decking materials that are then broken into sub-groups: composite-board, and wood. Wood decking is the traditional material and there are many different wood options to choose from. Composite decking is a newer material and is recommended because of its many advantages. A traditional wood deck might be cheaper in the short-term, but in the long-term it will require much more maintenance and might not last as long as a composite deck. 

How Long Does A Deck Last?

A deck’s lifespan is affected by a few things. The materials you use, your maintenance of the deck, the weather in your area, and similar factors can all determine how long a deck is going to last. Ballpark estimates generally say that a well-maintained deck can last a few decades. But if you are not putting proper maintenance or you have adverse weather in your area, your deck may need repairs sooner rather than later.  

Should I Repair Or Replace A Rot Deck

Choosing whether to simply repair sections of a deck vs fully replacing it can be determined by a few factors. First the extent of the damage needs to be considered. If your deck rot has spread, you might need to just replace the whole thing. Another thing to consider is how long you think you have before the deck will need to be fully replaced. If your deck is already old, repairs might not be the right choice. A full replacement might be a better solution for an older deck. 

Do Decks Add Value To My Home

One common misconception is that all decks do or do not add value to your home. In fact, the value added to your home is dependent on the quality of the deck. For example, a new composite deck that is in great condition is likely to add value to a home on the market. But an old rotten deck is going to add a liability to the prospective buyer. So it is not as simple as saying that all decks provide value. 

Get Decking Services In Greater Boston

If you live in the Greater Boston area and would like a quote on decking services, please give us a call. We would be happy to help with deck installation or repair services.

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