How To Install Bathroom Tile

bathroom tile

How To Install Bathroom Tile

When you think of a modern remodeled bathroom, what comes to mind? Stainless steel fixtures? Glass shower doors? A beautiful tiled floor? If you are thinking of the last of those, you are not alone. One of the first projects most homeowners tackle when they plan a bathroom remodeling project is to change out their floor for a beautiful tile floor. And with a variety of material choices, color choices, and pattern choices, there are a lot of ways to make your bathroom look unique. Many homeowners choose to lay their own tiles, if you are planning a DIY project, consider the following steps to making sure your floor comes out the way you want.


With any remodeling project, the most important thing you can do is prepare. You need to measure your bathroom so you know how many tiles you need and you need to plan your design. We highly recommend that beyond buying tile, that you also buy a sub-floor baseboard so that your flooring is level and strong enough to hold up the tiles. One of the biggest mistakes is to not get tile spacers. Tile spacers are vital to make sure your tiles are equally spaced when you lay them down.

Phase One: Laying Down The Tiles

The first phase of tiling a bathroom floor is to lay down the tiles. You want to get as many whole tiles as possible in the middle of your floor (with spacers). You then need to measure how many tiles will need to be cut and the sizes and shapes you will needs. This is especially challenging for tiles around your toilet, bathtub, and sink. Once you have cut your tiles, lay them down and make sure they fit with the tile spacers.

Phase Two: Mortar & Tile Placement

When you are fully satisfied with how your tiles look, you can remove them all and begin laying down mortar. You only want to do a little bit at a time. Using a trowel tool you can spread out the mortar and start laying down your tiles. Once again you will want to use the spacers to ensure symmetry and equal spacing. Once all of the tiles are down wait 24 hours.

Phase Three: Grout

Once your tiles are placed and have had time to rest you can begin removing the spacers and adding grout. As your add grout, you want to make sure you remove any extra grout before it hardens. You want smooth lines and no excess grout above the tiles. It can be difficult to fix grout after it has hardened.

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Massachusetts

Novus Exteriors provides great bathroom remodeling services. We can install new fixtures including beautiful glass showers, new bathtubs, sinks, and of course tile floors. Although tiling can be a DIY project, it takes a lot of work and it can take a lot of time. If you are looking to improve your bathroom give us a call.

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