What is the Best Time Of The Year For Siding Installations


What is the Best Time Of The Year For Siding Installations

Homeowners do a lot to upkeep their property. From yard work to plumbing, to hiring an electrician for an inspection, it seems that there is a never-ending list of errands that can be done to improve a home. One of the most important ones is ensuring that your home’s siding is secure. Like anything, a home’s siding will deteriorate and get damaged over time. This leads to issues with heating/cooling your home, damage to your property, pest problems, and potential problems when storms come. You should make sure that if your siding is damaged, that you repair it. In some cases, it is even smarter to fully replace your siding. But when is the best time to hire exterior contractors to handle repairs and replacement services?

Summer Siding Projects

By and large, the majority of exterior contracting work is done from late spring until early fall. That is because the weather is nicer for exterior contractors to work outside in. For that reason, many homeowners schedule their home renovation projects during the warmer months. However, that is also the reason that a lot of homeowners consider aiming for late fall and even winter for siding installation.

Winter Siding Projects

Because of the surge of siding projects that happen in the summer, many homeowners opt to have siding installed during the colder months. The project is more in their control and they can usually expect the project to be done quickly as the slower season means that your contractors will have more time to dedicate to your project. However, this strategy only works in certain cases. For instance, vinyl siding can rarely be installed during colder winter months. Vinyl can become brittle at extremely low temperatures making it unwise to install or repair the siding in the winter. Additionally, some contracting companies do not offer outdoor services during the winter, so it may be harder to find a company for your project. However, fiber cement siding can be installed during the winter, so if you plan to work with an exterior contractor during the colder months, consider utilizing fiber cement.

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