Exterior Home Improvements That Pay Off

Exterior Home Improvements That Pay Off

Studies show that many Americans tend to focus more on the interior of their house than the outside. But what you might not know is that when people drive past or walk by, the first part of the house they see is the exterior. So if the exterior looks like your house is abandoned, they’ll likely not want to stop and not talk about entering. That is why you need to focus also on the exterior of your home. But where should you work? Here are a few exterior home improvement ideas that really pay off. 

Paint Touch-Up

Painting is the number one way to improve the look of your house. It cleans off mold and dirt, eliminates a dull look, and makes your house look new. You don’t have to choose a new color or paint the whole house. You can simply touch up the places that need uplifting and it’ll be fine. However, make sure that you get a professional because a bad painting job will not make so much of a difference.

Roof Replacement

This is another important part of your home that will make a big difference. Over time, your roof tends to accumulate dirt, mold, and other aerosols from sun and rain. Hence, it gets dull and unappealing. If your roof is not that bad, you can do a roof wash to rejuvenate the look.

Siding Replacement

The siding of your home, even if you do not notice, usually abhors mold. Hence, they need to be replaced as often as you can. It could also sometimes wear out and affect the value of your home. So instead of washing it, as with the roof, choose to completely replace it.

Door Replacement or Painting

The exterior doors – the ones that can be seen from the outside – will also pay off if they are uplifted. If the door is broken, or noisy when opened or closed, it would be a great idea to change it for a new one. Additionally, if it is still durable (just with a dull outlook), the painting would work just fine.

Window Replacement or Painting

Just like the doors, the windows make a small but significant difference. Also, replacing the windows will help you save more energy in your home by reducing the amount of heat that’s let out. As for what kind of windows to choose, vinyl-based windows are great options because they are durable and appealing. Wooden windows are also great if they are made to be modern. 

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