What Siding Material Is The Most Cost Effective in 2022?

What Siding Material Is The Most Cost Effective in 2022?

If you are remodeling a home, constructing an extension, or planning on replacing your siding, you want to choose the right material for your home. There are various pros and cons to different siding materials. One thing we recommend is connecting with a team of contractors in your area and discussing the materials with them. Not only can they provide you with more information on the installation process but they can give you full quotes for work and material costs. In fact, some materials that may be less expensive in terms of the material on their own might be more expensive to maintain or install or repair. In this article, we will go over the pros and cons of different siding materials. If you live in Greater Boston and would like a customized quote on siding for your home, please give us a call.

Pros & Cons Of Different Siding Materials in 2022

Calculating the cost of siding is very different than calculating the cost-effectiveness. For example, fiber cement siding materials are cheap but installation and repair/replacement costs can run higher because you need to work with contractors that specialize in the installation process. You always want to factor in labor costs if you are hiring contractors to help with the process. Wood siding on the other hand might be higher in material cost but lower in labor costs. However, the other thing to consider is the siding’s lifespan. Fiber cement is more durable and lasts longer with less maintenance than wood siding. Wood siding needs to be maintained otherwise its lifespan can be significantly shortened. So while at first glance it might be a cheaper install option it might cost more over the course of a few years than just going with fiber cement. 

What Siding Material Is Best For My Home 

The correct way to look at cost analysis for any home is to work with a contractor who can answer some important questions. Labor costs and material costs can vary by region, and more importantly, what siding will last the longest and require the least maintenance can also vary based on local weather conditions. For example, a contractor might ask you how long you plan to live in the home you are currently living in when recommending siding materials, because if it is your forever home, fiber cement might be the best choice because of it’s durability and lifespan even with increased upfront costs. However, if this is not your permanent home you might consider a material that is costs less but might need repairs or maintenance in the future. 

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