When Do You Need A Roof Inspection

snow on roof that can cause a cave in

When Do You Need A Roof Inspection

Winter is approaching in New England which means shorter days, colder temperatures, and of course the promise of a snow day. For families, your kids might be excited about the prospect of skipping school on a snow day and getting a free day to sled, build snowmen, and have warm hot cocoa. And for parents, a free day here and there to stay home with the family isn’t an unwelcome surprise. However, one bad surprise that happens to families every winter in New England is roof cave-ins. Layers of ice, snow, and sleet build up throughout the season and by February multiple homes will experience a partial or full roof collapse. That is why it is important to know when you need to get your roof inspected.

How Often Should You Have Professional Roof Inspection?

A roof inspection is preferred over a costly roof rebuild. Ideally your inspectors would find little to no problems, otherwise there may be some light contracting and shingle repair needed. But compared to the alternative of needing an entire new roof and replacing all the damaged property in your attic, having a simple inspection is definitely the better option. A thorough inspection should be done on a yearly basis by a licensed contractor. Not only does this protect your home from a cave-in but it can also help find leaks and other roofing weaknesses before they become a problem for you and your family.

When Else Should You Get A Roof Inspection?

Whether or not you get an annual roof inspection, there are other events that should definitely be grounds for an inspection. If you notice broken shingles on your roof or shards of shingles in your front yard, you should hire a professional roofer to take a look at your home. Another cause for concern is extreme weather conditions. After a large storm like a tropical storm, hurricane, nor’easter, or intense blizzard it is recommended that you have your roof inspected.

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