Improve Your Work-From-Home Set Up

Improve Your Work-From-Home Set Up

Are you ready to say goodbye to your dining room table office and those pesky bedroom zoom calls? Let’s face it, setting up your double monitor on your kitchen table is not ideal for many reasons, your family easily disturbs you and it’s not the most appealing site to look at once you finish up at 5. 

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of digital technology, working from home or in a hybrid format has become our new normal. This switch has forced people to create random home workstations that are not practical for long-term usage. By creating an at-home office you are allowing yourself to separate from your work and creating a divide between work and play. 

The expert team here at Novus Exteriors Inc. can help you transform an old bedroom into a beautiful home office where you can get some space from your family and work uninterrupted. 

4 Reasons You Should Create a Home Office

  1. Personal Space: If your temporary office is in the kitchen or other high-traffic area of your residence unless you live alone, it’s almost impossible to avoid your family talking, barking dogs, and other noises that make it difficult for you to focus. Creating an at-home office in a spare room will allow you to block out the noise and chaos that is inevitably around you. This allows you to have your own space where you can truly focus on your work. 
  2. Aesthetic: By creating a home office you are giving yourself the freedom to do whatever you want with the space. You can hang up your décor, choose how much storage is within the desk, how much shelving you want, and so much more. Creating an inviting space that feels like you, allows you to truly produce the best version of yourself and your work.
  3. Increased Home Value: With more and more people ditching their commute and working from home more people are going to want a home office. By adding a home office your home’s value increases and if you are looking to sell sometime in the future, it may make it easier to sell. 
  4. Personal/Work Balance: By creating a space that is completely dedicated to working you can leave it at the end of the day to enjoy your time. If you live and work in the space it can take a negative toll on your work/life balance which can take a toll on your mental health. 

Creating an addition to your home, especially a home office allows you to have a creative outlet to choose what you want and how you want it. If you are looking to add a home office, give the Novus team a call today! We would be thrilled to discuss aesthetics, materials, timeline, and any other questions you may have!

Get Home Remodeling Quotes in New England

If you own a home or business in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or the Rhode Island area and are looking for quotes on various home remodeling projects such as adding a home office, our team of industry experts would be happy to help. Give us a call directly at 508-251-1361 or through our online contact form for more information on our services. We look forward to speaking and creating something great with you soon!

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