How Long Does It Take To Re-side A Home?

How Long Does It Take To Re-side A Home?

Re-siding is the process of replacing the siding for a home or other property. It can be very disruptive to your day-to-day life, which is why you will likely want it done quickly. More importantly, you want to make sure the timeline you are provided is accurate. No one wants to sign on for a month-long timeline only for the project to stretch on. You should consider various factors that can affect the duration of the siding repair/replacement process. How long does it take to re-side a home? Here are the leading factors that affect that timeline.

Size & Number Of Floors For Your Home

For a single-story removing the siding is easier than a two-story house. For a two-story house, the contractor needs to set up scaffolding and ladders to remove the upper portions. Likewise, the contractor will also need to ensure the safety of his team and follow strict protocols to keep everyone safe. Larger homes take more time and are more expensive to reside. Not just because more materials or needed, or because there is more work to do, but because there are additional requirements for the job site.  

The Area Around Your Home

An inaccessible surrounding area will make it tough for workers to remove the siding. The presence of trees and bushes around your home can slow down the work if they get in the way of the contractors. Additionally, uneven ground can also make it difficult for siding companies to get to work. A home that is easily accessible is a home where

Siding Replacement vs Siding Repair

If the sides of your home need to be torn off and replaced completely, it will take longer. In some cases, siding repair is possible, where damaged sections of the siding are replaced and fixed. Other homes have new siding placed on top of the existing siding to help secure and shore up protection for the home. These projects are quicker than a full siding replacement project.

The Contractors You Hire

The pace and quality of the project depend on the type of contractor you hire. If a contractor has skilled workers for different jobs, the project will go quickly. A contractor with a smaller crew may take longer to complete the project. Fewer crew members mean usually run at lower hourly rates, but the project takes longer and the quality of the project might diminish..

Material Delivery

This is another aspect that can make or break the overall time of the project. If you have chosen a reliable supplier who is promptly delivering the material needed it will go quickly. However, material shortages and issues with materials can add to the timeline of the project. That is why it is recommended to work with a contractor that can get all the necessary materials ready prior to the start of the project.

Weather Delays

Weather can often halt work at a job site. Here in New England, there aren’t really any seasons or months that are immune ot bad weather. Late spring through summer has a fair share of thunderstorms, and late summer there are often hurricanes and tropical storms. Most contractors don’t provide winter siding services due to blizzards and low temperatures. The best time to hire siding companies is usually in the early spring through the summer. Just understand, that the occasional storm may halt work.

Get A Free Quote on Siding 

Generally, re-siding of a single or two-story house can take a few weeks. The key to getting this done on time is to work with the right contractors. Contact Novus Exteriors for a quote on our contracting services.

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