Home Office Renovation Ideas

Home Office Renovation Ideas

More and more office buildings are shifting to a hybrid work from home model. After the last two years, many employees are either working from home permanently or partially during the week. Now is the perfect time to consider home office renovation. Whether you already have an office space or you are working on the kitchen table, here are some helpful ideas for your home office design.

Setting Up A Dedicated Circuit For Your Home Office

When you look at your circuit board, you likely have a few separate circuits dedicated to different sections of your home. Generally, when designing a home’s electrical system, the only dedicated circuits are for the kitchen and laundry room because of the high electrical loads these rooms produce. However, if you are working in a home office, you might want to consider getting a dedicated circuit for the office. If you have multiple appliances (i.e. printers, computers, monitors, etc). you should consider having a circuit dedicated to that room. Otherwise your circuit could be sharing power with other rooms which could cause an overload or breaker trip.

Setting up Ethernet Cabling

Relying on WiFi might work when you are streaming movies or checking your email, but it can cause real problems when you are meeting via Zoom or other conferencing apps. Setting up a dedicated ethernet outlet can help provide stronger and more consistent internet connections while you work. Additionally consider outlet placement and cable organization to better decrease clutter.

Make Your Corner Office

While working in a corporate building office layouts often reflect an employee’s position in the company. Larger offices with nice windows, desks, and cabinets usually go to senior employees, while entry-level workers might work in open concept areas or in cubicles. If you are working at home, now is the time to consider creating your perfect corner office. Choose a room that gets natural light, and start designing your perfect office. A nice desk and cabinets can help transform an area of your home into an official office space. This can also help your mind adjust easily from work time to relaxing time by having a dedicated work space that looks and feels like an office.

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