What Are Eco-Friendly Windows & Do I Need Them?

What Are Eco-Friendly Windows & Do I Need Them?

More and more people are looking for ways to make their homes, apartments, and offices environmentally friendly. Not only does it have benefits for our environment, but it can also be a sound investment into the future of your property. One common project that many people pursue is to make their windows environmentally friendly. Novus Exteriors installs windows for clients throughout Massachusetts. 

Understanding What Makes A Window "Environmentally Friendly"

One common misconception is that windows are environmentally friendly based only on the materials used to make the window panes. In fact, windows need both the pane and the frame to be built in a specific way in order to be environmentally friendly. This is because both the frame and the window panes can allow hot or cold air into your home. During the winter your windows are one of the first reasons your apartment or home will get cold, and the same can be said for the summer heat. That being said, simply replacing the windows is not enough to prevent heat-loss during the winter. You may need to replace the window frames and handle any holes or cracks that could let air out. 

Dual-Paned Windows

Dual-paned windows are often chosen for new properties for a variety of reasons. Beyond simply providing better insulation for your property they can also help eliminate outdoor noise. If you have an older property with single pane windows, you should consider having them replaced for either thicker windows or windows with dual-pane technology that can trap air between the two separate pieces of glass. This way, you will spend less money on heat during the winter and a/c during the summer. Over the course of a few years you will likely get your investment back in the money you save not paying higher utility prices. 

What Options Do I Have For Windows?

There are many different materials and designs that are available for homeowners or business owners looking to replace their windows with more environmentally friendly options. For a full list of options, we highly recommend contacting a local contractor to go over the different materials they have. We work with some of the best rated suppliers for windows so we are certain we can find a window that not only makes your home greener, but also meets your design and aesthetic needs. 

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