Composite Vs Wood Decking: Which is Better

Composite decking

Composite Vs Wood Decking: Which is Better

You cannot go wrong with a deck or porch. Such a simple addition can bring you and your family hours of enjoyment hosting barbecues, watching sunsets, and just getting outside without having to leave home. Whether you use it for a private escape to read a book, or for a fun party with your friends, owning a deck or porch can add more value to your home. Decking is also becoming more common for apartment buildings and condos throughout Massachusetts, as an outdoor living area adds yet another amenity to your incoming tenants. But whether you are planning to build a new deck or replace an existing deck, you need to consider your materials. When it comes to decking the two most common material choices are composite or wood. We will look at both through a few different factors.

What Deck Material Is Most Expensive?

Composite decking is more expensive compared to wood decking. However, in the longterm many homeowners prefer composite over wood because of the lower maintenance costs and longevity of the material. Composite decking may be a more expensive material upfront but the deck is less likely to get damaged and need repairs, and it will likely require less maintenance work over time.

What Deck Material Is Most Durable?

Durability can be measured in a variety of ways. In a few factors composite decking is better than wood decking as composite decking is resistant to insects, scratches, warping, staining, and fading. However, wood decking has different durability depending on the type of wood that is used. And with the right maintenance, you can increase the resistance of your wood deck to pests or fading caused by UV light. One issue for wooden decks is that they are more susceptible to splintering and water damage in comparison to composite decking.

What Deck Material Requires The Least Maintenance?

Composite decking requires far less maintenance compared to wood decking. Wood decking requires sanding, sealing, staining, painting, and regular cleanings, whereas your composite decking will only need regular cleanings. If you are looking for a low maintenance material for your deck, composite decking is the best choice.

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