2022 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

2022 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

The look of your kitchen is important, not only to impress your guests but also to inspire you to use it! The kitchen is where the magic happens–cooking. A nice, home-cooked meal feels less tedious and stressful when done in a kitchen with up-to-date appliances and beautiful design. Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? Here are some kitchen trends that will rock 2022.

Colors: Blue & Greens

Blue and green are beautiful, earthy colors that can bring a nice pop to your kitchen, but still keep the homey feeling. Together, these colors look sophisticated and chic and are definitely worthy of adorning your kitchen. A big trend in interior designs has been the feeling of wellness and sustainability, and the blue/green colors work well into that trend. These colors remind guests of a natural environment that can bring a relaxing sensation–a breath of fresh air. Think of incorporating blues and greens into your kitchen, these colors also pair very well with brassy tones and metallics. 

Brass Finish & Metallic Detailing For Kitchens

Brass and metallics, especially paired with dark hues of color, gives your kitchen a sense of warmth. Brass finishes can draw attention to certain aspects of your kitchen turning a simple piece into a statement piece. It is best to incorporate metallic detailing rather than finishes because a little goes a long way. Invest in quality metals and design pieces to make your kitchen look luxurious. 

Work Areas In Home Kitchens

The pandemic has completely changed the way we work. The majority of workers now work from home entirely or a couple of days out of the week. Because of this, those who did not have home offices before now are finding other spaces in their home to work. A unique trend going into 2022 is incorporating a workspace into your kitchen. What’s better than a comfortable spot to work with easy access to the food in your fridge? Find small desks or convenient and chic fold-out tables to place in a small corner of your kitchen, and start building your cozy workspace. 

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