Wolf Portrait Siding Installation in Massachusetts

Novus Exteriors provides the siding installation and repair services throughout Massachusetts. Wolf Portrait is a popular siding material choice here in New England for a variety of reasons. Wolf Portrait Siding is made durable and looks beautiful on any home or property.

Information on Wolf Portrait Siding

Wolf Portrait Siding is a composite siding material that utilizes a high-density cellular structure. Wolf Portrait Siding utilizes the same technology used in their composite decking to produce a high-quality, high-durability, siding material. Wolf Portrait Siding is perfect for homeowners in Massachusetts where we often deal with storm seasons and blizzards. Wolf Portrait Siding is highly resistant against weather conditions and moisture. Aesthetically, Wolf Portrait Siding is designed to create a faux-wood appearance, down to the texture of the material. But unlike wood siding, Wolf Portrait Siding does not require regular maintenance, staining, and it is more environmentally friendly. Wolf Portrait Siding is both highly durable and easy to repair if needed. The siding comes in a variety of styles, so the homeowners have a few decisions to make based on their preferences. Novus Exteriors would be happy to provide a quote or discuss financing options for a new installation of Wolf Portrait Siding.

Benefits of Wolf Portrait Siding

Homeowners and business owners choose Wolf Portrait composite siding for the following reasons:


The high-density cellular structure of Wolf Portrait siding makes it strong against water damage. Water is often a home's worst nightmare as it leads to damage, mildew, and mold, but with Wolf Portrait Siding, you never have to worry about stormy weather.


Wolf Portrait siding can be customized in a variety of ways including designs and colors. This includes both overlapping and straight plank designs. Best of all, Wolf Portrait Siding is designed to replicate the look and feel of natural wood siding. 


Wolf Portrait Siding is both silica free and lead-free. And because it is lightweight it requires less energy to transport the material. Wolf Portrait Siding also sports long-lasting durability and strength making it is an environmentally friendly choice for your siding. 

Get A Quote For Wolf Portrait Siding Installation

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