Spring Into Action: Why Now is the Perfect Time for Siding Installation

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Spring Into Action: Why Now is the Perfect Time for Siding Installation

Is Spring A Good Time To Replace My Siding?


With springtime looming on the horizon, many home and property owners nationwide are considering what exterior remodeling projects they want to complete. Spring is a fantastic time to consider an exterior project as the weather is just right; it is a time for fresh updates and revitalization, which makes it a perfect time to repair, replace, or install new siding! Siding not only elevates the overall look and appearance of your home, but it also helps protect it from outdoor elements such as wind, rain, and snow. If you are considering replacing your siding, the industry experts at Novus Exteriors have compiled a list of our top reasons why spring is the perfect time to do so.


Benefits Of Installing Siding In The Spring:


Easier To Schedule An Appointment With A Contractor

The peak season for siding installation and repairs is typically between summer and fall, making spring more open regarding appointments and flexibility. Getting ahead of the rush in the spring allows for more time options and flexibility in terms of scheduling and choosing the right contractor for your specific needs.


It Is More Energy-Efficient

Weather can impact your exterior remodeling project no matter where you reside. For example, if you choose to redo your siding in the winter, you will likely need to increase your heating bill to compensate for the loss. With much milder temperatures in the spring, you can maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home without worrying about increasing your heating or cooling bill.


Siding Installation In The Spring Is More Effective

Springtime comes with much milder temperatures compared to late fall and winter. These warmer temperatures are helpful for adequate siding replacements and installations, as the materials work better under better conditions. For example, the caulk and sealant adhere much faster, adding a protective layer to your siding.


Faster Installation Time

With the temperatures being milder in the spring, no cold or heat temperature advisories will affect the contractor working on your project. The springtime allows your crew to complete your project faster, correctly, and efficiently.


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